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Words hurt more than you’ll ever know.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the topic of our loss of Amanda Todd. Mostly because things in the media are so polarized and everything about this story is complex, with interwoven issues that get lost in sensationalism.

But this is a beautiful song, inspired by a beautiful young spirit, whom we lost at too young of an age.

Words hurt more than you’ll ever know. Be kind, and when others are not kind, be brave and speak up.


Creative Programming!

I didn’t even know this happened until this student showed me today…


…And yes, I’ll need to talk to him about the appropriateness of this, but I just asked him to explain the technical pieces to me today… In my opinion it is more important to appreciate the cleverness & creative programming skills, than to jump into a conversation about misrepresentation. Besides, I want him on my tech support team! 🙂

Plagiarism 101

I don’t usually get mad about this stuff, but this is so blatant that it got me riled up enough to send this person an email. I’ll share the email below.


Also available here: As you can probabbly guess, I took some liberties with the green font text.

I’m not naming the person although technically I’m also sharing her work, but that’s out of respect for her since I really haven’t given her time to respond to my email. If she wants me to put her name on this post, I’m happy to do so. 

Greetings [InsertNameHere],

My name is David Truss and I recently came across your Educational Technology Philosophy via a Google Search.


It seems that you quoted me extensively from my statement, originally posted May 23rd, 2007 on my original blog, and now currently found here:

I know that you understand quoting because you have Carl Rogers quoted on several of your pages.

I openly share my work with a Creative Commons License: Which means you are welcome to share my work publicly, as long as I am attributed.

I’m requesting that you either quote me and give me credit, or that you remove the quotes from your page. It’s a small request considering that I chose not to copyright and actually choose to share, only asking that I get credit for my work.




Suggestion for the Edublog Awards

I was cleaning up some things on my blog today after adding a “Podcast” tab, and I realized that I only share ‘badges’ from two different sources. One is to show that I’m a Connected Principal. And the other is my Edublog Awards nominations… (That’s right ‘nominations’ not actual award winner). The interesting thing is that I really enjoyed reading over all the award nominations in previous years, but really didn’t engage this year. Why? The lists were overwhelmingly large and I didn’t know where to start.

My suggestion:

a) Require that people be nominated at least twice for an award.

b) Require the nominators to actually explain their reasons, share links to posts etc… like I do here:

and here:

…rather than naming the award and offering up a nomination with no further details or explanation.

c) Link back to the nominations so people can learn why these people were nominated.

Note: Without going back and checking, I think these criteria would have eliminated 3 or 4 of my 6 nominations. But I’m ok with that. It would lead both to me being more appreciative of the ones I did get, and it would promote my desire to explore the blogs of others who have been nominated… And isn’t that what the awards are all about?

If the awards are just a mass list like this again:

…Then I think it’s time for me to retire the badges from my blog.

Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”

I love this song, the message and the video!

This is a great video to share with students and staff alike!


Here it is from a totally different perspective… Not kindness, but rumours… Created by a group of students in a Middle School advisory: