Words hurt more than you’ll ever know.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the topic of our loss of Amanda Todd. Mostly because things in the media are so polarized and everything about this story is complex, with interwoven issues that get lost in sensationalism.

But this is a beautiful song, inspired by a beautiful young spirit, whom we lost at too young of an age.

Words hurt more than you’ll ever know. Be kind, and when others are not kind, be brave and speak up.


3 thoughts on “Words hurt more than you’ll ever know.

  1. Carol Todd

    Your simple words carried a strong message. I hope that the whole word can read an follow the message that you sent. I know that my daughter Amanda would want that message shared. Thank you for the thoughts ….

  2. Carol Todd

    All proceeds from the iTunes sales of the song will go into the Amanda Todd Legacy/Memorial Fund which will support mental health issues, anti-bullying awareness and education and education initiatives around learning disabilities.www.thevancouverfoundation.com Wonder Woman – Dedicated to Amanda Todd – Single by Elise Estradahttps://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/wonder-woman-dedicated-to/id573018676?i=573…

  3. David Truss

    Thanks Carol,I hope that you are getting some opportunities to unplug from the media storm. Our thoughts are with you,Dave.

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