Restorative Practices

Notes from a presentation by Bruce Schenk:

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices… A model for community relationships:

“Learning is enhanced by challenge and is impeded by threat.” Bruce Schenk – Restorative practices #SD43

Relationships are about sharing:

-Reduce negaitve -listen & acknowledge.

-Promote positive -be affirming.

-Encourage expressing of emotions.

SHAME – An emotion we want to reduce… How do we deal with it:
Attack others (lash out or blame)
Attack self
– defense mechanisms that we can talk through if there is trust and students can open up.

“The gift of shame is spirituality” Roy Henry Vickers (a podcast – The 7 emotions and their gifts).

imageChallenge AND Support… Need both when dealing with shame & negative behaviour.
– Separate behaviour from value of the person.