Ink is ink is ink

When I started my daily ink, I really thought I could do a daily hand-written journal and that I could stick with it. But the reality is that despite wanting to live in both worlds: I am very tied to the digital world! I walk around with my phone, I don’t walk around with my journal. I went away on a retreat last week and took my journal with me. I didn’t feel like writing on the long journey, and was fully occupied on my holiday while there… thus no daily-ink. I came back and left my journal in my travel bag, which I just found today almost a week later. Ooops!

I really like the idea of finding time each day to write something even though I’m a slow blogger and will often go a week or two before crafting something for my Pairadimes blog: I also like to post links! I like my ideas to be connected to other ideas. So, with that in mind, I still want to try and continue with my daily ink but sometimes, or rather most times, it will be digital ink and sometimes it will be on paper and hand-written in my messy printing. But the reality is that in some ways ink is ink and it doesn’t matter what medium I use, but in other ways digital print really is different!