Twitter is a game-changer

ECMP 355 Summary of Learning « Learning All Ways by Katie Rosenkranz

Congrats to Katie @krosenkranz Rosenkranz!
She didn’t just finish this course with Alec @courosa Couros. She also transformed herself into a different kind of teacher and learner by getting through the early stages of Twitter, and finding it’s real value.

Watch the video, then go and comment on her blog! Welcome her to a new era in teaching, one far more engaging as a co-learner and a digitalteacher, than what was possible just a few years ago.

ps. Just watched the video again… I’m actually in it! 🙂



One thought on “Twitter is a game-changer

  1. krosenkranz

    Just wanted to share my comment back to you:I want to thank you David, for being one of the first to encourage me and get me going with all this. When I first started to try out Twitter seriously, I wrote a blog post called Tweeting Teachers, discussing my new found interest in Twitter, and calling out to want to be connected to more educators. At this time I was following less than 100 people, and had 25 followers.I was starting to see the possibilities, but didn’t know how to reach my full potential and get the most out of Twitter. You were one of the first people to comment on this post, and one of the things you said was “Tweet interesting things, converse with people, join a few chats like #edchat and you’ll get a nice following soon enough!” This was what I started with, and within a few days, I couldn’t believe the response I was getting. My phone was going off like crazy with emails from Twitter…and every single one of them made me smile, and my whole perspective changed. I honestly cannot believe how much I have grown as a person and educator since becoming involved in Twitter, and feel like I have so much more to look forward to in my career.I also want to thank you for believing and encouraging me to NOT give up on Twitter. Tweeting out my username and blog to your Twitter followers and saying “I don’t tend to recommend Twitter to newbies (to technology) because of the very thing you’ve noticed, it takes work to build your following and most don’t see it through, (like I think you will:-” Something as simple as this, gave me so much hope, made me smile, and pushed me to immerse myself in growing my PLN. You were a huge game changer for me, and I can’t say enough great things about this new game I’m in.

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