Compassion and Forgiveness

I shared this in a comment on Tom Altepeter’s post titled ‘Family‘ today, and wanted to share it in my own space too:


I think the two most noblest of traits are compassion and forgiveness.

Compassion because it links us to others in a way that we lose ourselves.

Forgiveness because more than any other trait, it can not be faked
and true forgiveness is to see love even in the faults of others.
I believe that family helps us to find both
compassion and forgiveness in ourselves.


Think good thoughts, say good words, do good deeds.

One thought on “Compassion and Forgiveness

  1. ddeubel

    Dave,You said it. It is the center piece of any “right action”. It all starts there. You reminded me of Rumi this morning, also Nel Noddings and her “Courage to Care” which is essentially about ridding our teaching practice of guilt. Here’s what I was reminded of in Rumi… Come, come, whoever you areWonderer, worshipper, lover of leavingIt doesn’t matterOurs is not a caravan of despairCome, even if you have broken your vowa thousand timesCome, yet again, come, comeTeaching is that continual “coming” , a rejuvenation each day on the alter of possibility. David

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