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Invasion by Alien Zombies *Experiment


Had I not been to Northern Voice, I’m sure I would have passed this off as a hoax! It required an actual sighting to make me a believer… And yet I’m still not convinced that I believe my own eyes. Is this a bunch of actors doing some sort of street improv? NO, that’s real blood! I’m speechless.


Ok, not sure zombie is the right word, these things are living, yet they are feeding on people. I’ve got to get out of h



*Update: So… for those of you that wondered what this was all about… I’d call it a failed experiment. It was really just a Northern Voice session where the leader tried to get us to create some buzz and *Trend* our topic of an alien invasion by zombies. It was forced. It really wasn’t authentic in any way. It also was funny in that I forgot this blog is autoposted to Facebook and so I had comments from Toronto to China wondering what was wrong with me;)

A classic example of worlds colliding:

But there is more here… it really was about trying to game social media in a way that felt strained and which did what I like least of all about pushing a message and gaming the system to create buzz about a topic. 

It was a good lesson on what not to do to garnish attention. So I guess it was a valuable experience after all – we do learn from failure after all!